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This property is ideal for one of three situations.

First it can be used as an extended family home as we did. The two dwellings offer privacy with their own front doors, whilst sharing the walled courtyard onto which they both open at the back.

Secondly it could be used as a family home with the second property let for holidaymakers. Offering self catering to holidaymakers can be very lucrative, even if you only offer the summer months, May to September. And there is also the opportunity to offer longer rentals in the winter months.

Thirdly it can be used for bed and breakfast with three en suite bedrooms in the barn, and the addition of extra rooms in the cottage if required. It would be easy to put a door in the hall to the cottage master bedroom and bathroom making that end of the cottage completely private.

There is currently only one electricty meter, so one standing charge. Equally there is only one water meter, so one standing charge. There is only one bill for taxe fonciere and one bill for taxe d'habitation. The barn boiler is fueled by oil, the oil tank being behind a wall in the walled courtyard. The cottage boiler is fueled by gas, the gas tank being underground in the garden. Both houses use a 13 kg bottle of gas for cooking.

Currently only the cottage has a phone line and internet connection, again only one standing charge. Both properties have television satellite dishes with multi-head LNBs - there is television in the lounge and master bedroom in both houses.

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