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There are several wonderful and very different outside areas for sitting, dining and wining. All the patios are pressure washed every spring.

The cottage has a large, 80 square metre, paved patio in front of the lounge. This is screened from the road by a laurel hedge and a fence runs along the car park side of the patio. It has ample lighting for the evening. To the side of this area and in front of the bathroom and master bedroom there is a smaller area with stones on which there is another table and chairs.

In front of the barn and running the width of the barn is a paved patio which, in the summer, is covered with bright and colourful pots of flowers. It gets the sun almost all day. There are outside lights on the wall of the barn which give light to this patio.

The main patio for the two properties is the walled courtyard which is accessed from them both. It was originally an attached barn but over the years the roof came off but the walls, doorway and windows were left in situ. Lights have been put in the windows to give light into the courtyard and onto the pool patio which is the other side of the wall. The old door now leads on to the pool patio. There are lights on the side of the barn as well. The patio has been paved with external coloured tiles which give it a distinctly Mediterrean feel. It is a wonderful area for sitting outside for whatever reason, reading, sunbathing, eating, drinking, whatever.

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